Beginner Sous Vide Class-1/21 at 10am

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Did you get an Anova, or other immersion circulator as a gift? Don’t be afraid to take it out of the box and use it. Join Chef Amy Sins of Langlois for an introduction to the immersion circulator & sous vide cooking. This event is partial hands-on and partial demonstration. Guests will learn the basics of low-temperature cooking with a focus on safety, equipment, and innovative recipes. The focus will be placed on time, temperature, texture and flavor on various ingredients including beef, oil, fish, and vegetables. A light lunch and snacks will be provided to attendees. $120 per person inclusive.

This event is limited to 12 guests and requires a minimum of 5 guests to attend. Reservations for individuals or groups are welcome.

Chef Amy will teach you the secrets she learned from Chef Dave Arnold & Chef Nils Noren at the French Culinary Institute. Join her for a fun and educational afternoon.

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